~Olya Tkachenko 

Olya Tkachenko is Toronto-based illustrator. She was born in Ukraine and has been graduated from the School of Fine Arts studying classic drawing, painting, sculpture, and history of arts.

In 2014 Olya and her family moved to Canada, where she worked at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada in Saskatchewan and led a private art school. Olya's works have been exhibited in Ukraine, France, and Canada. Since 2008 Olya worked as a freelance children’s illustrator and created a number of children's books in the USA, Canada, and Russia.

Rich traditions of Ukrainian folk art made a big impact on Olya's pallet. She works with various media such as oil, soft pastel, watercolors, batiks, etc., Her hot batik works combine the traditional Ukrainian technique of Pysankas (painted Easter Eggs) and modern concepts.

Currently, Olya and her family live in Toronto.

Olya's Story

Art Statement

I admire decorativeness like a kid who collects treasures in an old box. I love to observe the masters of decorative arts create many miracles, their patterns painted, drawn, etched, embroidered, printed, and cut in metal.

Making patterns, in batiks or paintings, is very meditative and enjoyable. I find my inspiration in nature, in cracks of old houses, in dancing light spots on a wall, on my cat's fur, in cabbage leaves... I love to collect textile ornaments and unusable things just because they tell me about beauty, and then bring them all together into the surface of my artwork. Maybe someone else will love these as much as I do! Maybe my treasure box will bring joy to others!

Art Work