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The Rivoli

The Rivoli has been providing amazing experiences for its guests since 1982. The management and staff are committed to making the venue a place of inclusivity and culture in downtown Toronto. 

The venue has three unique offerings under one roof. The first floor has a restaurant in the front room with an event space in the back. The second floor is a pub style environment with pool tables and arcade games. 


The Pool Hall

xThe second floor features a large bar and a dozen pool tables. This space is perfect for a casual night out with friends, family or colleagues. With a capacity of 230, it can also be rented for larger events. 

Dining Room

The restaurant can seat 50 people with a menu featuring a variety of options. The majority of  dishes are priced under $25 with Pad Thai and Wookie Balls being longtime favourites. Work from local artists is showcased on the walls and updated frequently. The tables and chairs can be cleared from the room to make an entertainment space suitable for mingling. This setup is ideal for corporate events and art shows. 

The restaurant has its own dedicated bar which guests walk past on their way to the backroom. 


Back Room

The backroom entertainment schedule is as diverse as the city it calls home. Concerts, dance parties and comedy shows are the most common events. 

The standing room capacity is 240 although tables and chairs can be added if there are going to be fewer than 200 guests. The room is usually cleared for dance parties and sold-out shows.

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